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A team is defined as a group of individuals who are working interdependently for a common outcome and include 12 people or less. If like most teams, your team has strengths and weaknesses. The hidden areas of trouble are usually not spoken. Obstacles can include mismatched team beliefs, hidden agendas, limiting thoughts, and lack of trust (therefore lack of transparency).

Team coaching uncovers these unspoken sentiments to get to higher levels of performance. The average team assignment is ten months and includes individual and peer coaching. Your coach becomes an objective part of the team and ensures that progress is being made for the individuals and the team and thus impacting the whole organization including clients.

Preparing for team coaching is organized by the executive team and the coach. A three phase process is recommended:

Team assessment* to determine “where we are today” and “where we want to be” includes an action plan with measurement milestones.



Regularly scheduled individual and team coaching sessions to integrate new team behavior, learn new skills, and take new action..



Completion includes a review of what the team has learned, post-coaching measurement of performance and a plan for next steps.


Improving your strategies,
growing your business

*The primary tool is the TCI Assessment. TCI’s team performance methodology is built on a research-based platform of 14 Team Performance Indicators™ (TPIs). Assessment scores in these key areas clearly, and quickly reveal where to invest time and money to improve team performance. Team coaching sessions become a learning and development environment to improve in these key areas today and into the future.

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Team diagnostic tools are used to assess the health of the team based on the team’s view.

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